Garage Wall Protector
Garage Wall Protector - 2020-03-31 10:58:36
Geeliansafety Garage Wall Protector's Features: Heavy Protection - The 3/4” (20mm) thickness buffer layer absorb any impact up to 330lb or 150kg; Strong Adhesive & Reliable Retention - Reinforced by fiberglass mesh design and strong adhesive surface; Non-tearing Adhesive Cover – Unique plastic-coated cover paper can be peeled off easily without tearing; Waterproof Material - Great waterproof provided by the special surface treatment; Diamond Texture Design - The special textural surface can minimize the marks that scratches left on the surface. Packaged Included: 2 x GL-WP02 Garage Wall Protector (15-3/4” x 6” x 3/4” or 400mm x 150mm x 20mm) garage Little Details Make All the Difference. Instruction: 1. Please clean and dry the wall surface and remove any particles on it; 2. Peel approximate 4” or 10cm adhesive cover from one side and apply the protector on the wall. 3. Slowly peel the rest of the adhesive cover and apply the protector on the wall at the same time to make sure it is straight and no space between it. 4. Repeat the same steps above for the other side of your garage wall. Notice before use: · Please do not put under extremely high temperature or exposure to the sun for long; · Please clean the wall surface and remove the dust or other particles and keep dry before sticking the strips to the wall; · Protectors can be removed without leaving marks on the most of the surfaces (e.g. brick, tile, glass, or marble walls). But the removal on a brittle or lime wall pavement may need to do it with care because the adhesive is very strong.