Geeliansafety sloar remote control smart Geeliansafety sloar remote control smart parking lock parking lock
Geeliansafety sloar remote control smart Geeliansafety sloar remote control smart parking lock parking lock - 2019-11-14 16:30:32

Geeliansafety  sloar remote control smart parking lock

The remote parking lock is actually a complete automatic mechanical equipment. Must have: control system, drive system, power supply. So we can't avoid the problems of volume and power supply life. In particular, the power supply is the bottleneck of the development of remote control parking lock. Due to the large driving current, the general remote control parking lock uses lead-acid maintenance free battery for power supply, and everyone knows that the battery has self discharge problem, even if the battery just filled can only be put for 3 months, it must be recharged, otherwise it will be scrapped soon.


But to take out the battery from the parking lock and charge it upstairs for one night, and then take it down and put it in the parking lock, I believe many car owners are reluctant to do it.


Therefore, the final direction of remote parking lock is to reduce power consumption, reduce standby current, and use dry battery for power supply. If the battery can be replaced only once more than one year, users will generally accept it. But the common phenomenon of parking lock is that the battery life is only a few days, some even a dozen days. Such a high charging frequency will undoubtedly increase the trouble of users. Therefore, there is an urgent market demand for the parking lock with battery life of more than one year.


The research and development technology of parking lock has made rapid progress, but the battery can be charged for more than one year, while the remote-control parking lock with waterproof and shockproof function is rare, and electronic technology is widely used in research and development, and its exquisite technology is the leader of a few enterprises with research and development ability. Its battery breaks the shackles of frequent charging, and only needs to be charged once a year. Its principle is the low energy consumption of remote parking lock, the maximum standby current is 0.6ma, and the current when moving is about 2a, which greatly saves power consumption.


On the other hand, when the parking lock is placed in the parking lot or open place, it is required that the waterproof, shockproof and anti-collision function of the parking lock be strong, and the index of external force resistance be high. The shapes of the above-mentioned parking lock can't be anti-collision in all directions. Remote control parking lock adopts unique anti-collision technology, no matter from any point of view, it will not cause damage to the body, so as to achieve 360 ° anti-collision; and it uses framework oil seal and O-ring for sealing, waterproof and dustproof, to protect the internal parts of the body from corrosion, effectively preventing the short circuit of the line, which greatly improves the service life of parking lock.

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