Solar traffic signal light for safety
Solar traffic signal light for safety - 2019-12-05 17:44:56
Solar energy is a kind of reliable "eternal" energy. The solar energy traffic lights rely on the energy of sunlight to ensure the normal use of the signal lights. The energy it uses is solar energy. It not only saves power but also environmental protection. When it is installed, it does not need to lay cables. The signal lamp has the function of power storage, which can ensure normal operation for 10 days. The characteristic of solar energy products is to get rid of the restriction of electric wires and be able to be installed on the road where the sun can shine. This is particularly important on the road, which can ensure the installation of traffic safety facilities without the trouble of laying lines. Solar energy automatic traffic light: this kind of solar energy automatic signal light has the advantages of automatic control by using solar energy. Without external power supply, it can work without sunlight at night, and the installation is fast and easy to move. Due to the shortage of power supply in some areas, the traffic lights at the intersections in this area can not work normally due to power failure, which is easy to cause traffic chaos. And this new type of automatic signal lamp uses clean energy solar energy, and it is not used up. It is not restricted by electricity at all. Therefore, it is especially suitable for newly built intersections and intersections with large traffic flow and in urgent need of new traffic signal command. It can meet the needs of traffic police in dealing with emergency power outage, power rationing and other emergencies.