Water-Filled Barrier

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  • Product Name:Water-Filled Barrier
  • Model:GL-WL-D10/11
  • Size:1000*600*500mm,customized
  • Package:bulk,woven bags
Products description:

Water Filled Road Barrier is a kind of plastic shell barrier used to divide the road surface

or form a barrier. It is usually a small structure with a hole on the top to increase weight by

 water injection. Some water horses also have transverse through holes for connecting through

members to form a longer blocking chain or wall.It is generally used for road traffic facilities.

It is common in high-speed roads, urban roads, and overpass street intersections, airports, and docks.


Name: Water filled barrier

Main Features.
1.Our safety barrier have reflective material at the position where 900mm height from the ground.
2.The top can be equipped with solar lights to improve the safety of driving at night.
3.Can be connetcted by male and female connecter area at both side,after filled with water can improve the stablity of the barriers.
4.Easy install,easy move,reusable,and efficiency.

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