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Main Feature

*High brightness LED&Reflector

*Anti high temperature Temperature,Anti-UV

*Life span> 5 years

*Easy installation(we supply brackets)

*Control 2-3lanes



*High Quality Radar

*Working Frequency :K band 24.15GHz±100MHz

*Speed detection range of radar 10km/h-250km/h

*Speed detection error :±1km/h

*Speed detection distance>150M

*Speed display 10-199km/h red and green color

*The Max power 25W

*Average power 14.5W

*Limited speed setting 10-199km/h

*Insulation Resistance :≥10MΩ

*LED Life:≥100000 hrs

*wind resistance :≥1.5KN/

*Working humidity :≤95%

*Protection level:≥IP54

*Working Temperature -30 ~ 75

*Package:1120*670*155 mm G/W:18KG


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